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About the game

You’re a Crawler, and that means you work for those that can pay. Asset recovery, commercial espionage, and mayhem for hire are just a few of your crew’s specialized services. If something shady needs doing, chances are a Crawler will be involved. Succeed and you’ll be rewarded with better pay then any corp drone can dream of. Plus, you'll earn the respect of the eclectic assortment of merchants, opportunists and adventurers who make their home in the fringes of space.

In StarCrawlers, you’ll lead a crew of Crawlers, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Together you’ll take on jobs to explore abandoned spacecraft, battle mighty enemies, and unravel corporate intrigue. Some key features of StarCrawlers:

  • Classic first person dungeon crawling in a detailed sci-fi universe
  • Narrative AI procedurally generates missions and dungeons with randomized encounters, traps, and enemies
  • Strategic RPG style combat featuring a time unit action system
  • An atmospheric soundtrack by Ben Prunty
  • Class ability customization and modification
  • Randomly generated and upgradeable loot
  • PC, Mac, and Linux support

Game news

Early Access now on Steam - Juggernaut Games - 2015/03/17 17:00

StarCrawlers is now available on Steam Early Access and GOG InDev! A HUGE thanks to our Kickstarter Backers and everyone who voted on Greenlight, we can’t wait for you to play StarCrawlers. I can’t bu...

IndieGames Live Interview - Juggernaut Games - 2014/11/05 19:39

StarCrawlers   GameTrailers just posted a great preview of StarCrawlers from our interview with them at IndieGamesLive. The video shows off alpha gameplay footage as well as small glimpse of our recen...

Weekly Livestreams - Juggernaut Games - 2014/10/28 17:00

We’re doing a weekly development livestream on the Indie Megabooth Twitch channel! We will be streaming every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. PST (Check here to see what time that is for you).   This week we’ll...

Development Diary #2 - Juggernaut Games - 2014/07/17 20:34

Hey guys and gals, Tony here for another exciting Devblog! Today I’m going to talk about some of the steps I take to bring Asa’s concept art to in game 3d glory. Every tile set starts with a style gui...


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